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Your Garden is Great

I love a garden. I'd love MY garden more, but it's smaller

than a postage stamp. So, I like to visit other gardens. Those that belong to ordinary garden-loving people are the best. You know, the ones who don't employ a professional gardener, those that allow the odd patch of dandelions.

A friend of mine has filled his garden with native hedgerow plants such as hawthorn, jack in the hedge, umbellifers, wild clematis and wild garlic - all grown from collected seed. As you can see, it's a peaceful spot for his family and pets. And I love it.

What some of us think are weeds are really good for all sorts of creatures. Early bees love a dandelion whilst a number of different butterflies lay their eggs on nettles. With the decline of natural, wild areas, our gardens are really important to many species of insects and animals.

Bats are just starting their maternity colonies, and they love to eat the moths that visit your garden (if you have the right flowers). The rise of the giant slug and the decline of the hedgehog are most definitely linked. Whilst it's only right that many of us feed our beloved garden birds, perhaps it's time to think of the other reasons why Your Garden is Great.

For more information on how to attract hedgehogs, bats and butterflies, please visit:


30th April to 6th May

The Royal Horticultural Society created the National Gardening Week seven years ago and aims to be the country’s biggest celebration of gardening. We’re smack, bang in the middle of it, and, with proper Spring temperatures set for this coming weekend, it looks as if it’ll be a great time to share other people’s gardens, share your own tips or just generally enjoy a garden somewhere near you!


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