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Welcome to Wren and Moss

Beautiful accessories for a unique home and garden.

Hello. I’m Sarah, and here at Wren and Moss, we pride ourselves on putting you, our customer, first. We’ll make sure you receive excellent customer service and care throughout your journey with us. You’ll want to come back for more inspiration.

Express Your individuality

It’s fair to say that you – and therefore we! – have a strong sense of style and uniqueness which you want to show off in your own home.

You’ll find a wide choice of quality accessories for your home and garden. We photograph them in a home setting, so you can enjoy seeing what they might look like together, or you can make your own selection to make a very personal statement. Whichever, you choose, you can be assured of excellent customer service and customer care.

Wren and Moss Owner

Creating Your Happy Place

It’s the gorgeous objects that you surround yourself with that make so much difference to our home experience. We’ve been spending so much of our time in our homes recently. Now, more than ever, it’s important to strive to make our home somewhere deeply personal, calm and comforting to you and your family.

At Wren and Moss, you can choose your own statement with warm wood and clean lines, mix in some cool zinc, earthy tones or strong colour, add a touch of romance or simple Nordic comfort.

Stuck for a Gift?

Glass Tealights on Shelf
LED Light up Globes on Decorative Table
Indoor Planting Pots with cacti

We all like to receive socks and gloves as gifts, but wouldn’t you like to give a gift that mirrors your loved one’s unique style and elegance? You’ll find lots of fabulous, honestly-priced choices from lanterns, tealights, planters and ornaments.

Our History

I started Wren and Moss in 2017. Finding a business name was not a problem for me. I lost my mum in 2015 and her favourite bird was the wren. If you’ve ever seen a wren’s nest, you’ll know that she makes her home for her and her family out of moss. So, I borrowed some of my mother’s wisdom and created Wren and Moss – thanks Mum!

Contact us

Group of floral ornaments on lace tray
Multicoloured Tulips
Lanterns on Wooden Shelf
Coloured candles with indoor plant
Vases in shades of blue on decorative table
Decorative tray with tealights
Sale banner

If you need a little help with your selection, please do get in touch with me via email to Happy nesting!

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